The Life of Spies is an action comedy play about two female spies (one Brittish and one Soviet) who are sent to the same exclusive diplomatic conference high in the Swiss Alps to assassinate the same person. Naturally, everything goes wrong. The two spies must set their differences aside and work together to succeed. 



After finding a note from the Mad King, Harry and Alex are forced to go on an epic adventure through forests, ancient temples and crime filled cites to complete there quest. Our two hero face many challenges, encounter strange eccentric characters and make some unlikely friends. Time is of the essence and the must succeed or suffer a horrible fate. 



When Harry is kidnapped by the Greek myth The Ferrymen and taken to the Greek god Hades, Alex must make a deal with the devil to search the underworld and save Harry. Can the devil and Alex put aside their differences to work together or will they sercome to the demands of friends and foes; Egyptian god RA, Medusa, Loki or Hades?  Will Alex and Harry make it out alive? 



Jessica was just an ordinary teen with ordinary concerns; does this photo show my best side? What hashtag should I use? Has it been too long since I tweeted? Does Brad prefer chocolate or ice cream? 

But that was before she stumbled across AREA 51 where all hell broke loose. Well not hell, but a vicious, villainous alien called Q broke loose and is set on universal domination. Jessica and the Scientist must work together to stop Q and her minions from breaking out of AREA 51 and taking over the world or life as we know it is doomed.

© 2018 by Ancient Pickle. 

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